WebIS Mail

Email client with support for ActiveSync, POP and IMAP

WebIS Mail allows you to manage your e-mail from mobile device. It can be synchronized with desktop or with your mailboxes placed on POP3 or IMAP servers using industrial strength SSL security or going through your SOCKS proxy. The intuitive interface makes working with mail on the Pocket PC 2002 and 2003 OS a joy. Even with this intuitive interface, Mail provides a lot of raw power and standards support.

Product features include:

  • Simple and powerful account/folder navigator
  • SSL support
  • SOCKS proxy suport
  • Full VGA/High DPI support
  • GMail POP3 SSL support
  • Per Account Signatures
  • Mail storage on an SD or CF card (this is slower however)
  • Separate authentication for incoming and outgoing mail
  • Extensive and powerful IMAP Synchronization support
  • Character set support with separate settings on reading/composing
  • Show per account Notifications

Manage your email from your Pocket PC.

WebIS Mail


WebIS Mail 2.11